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Kicking off Fund 2 with an investment in

We invested in our first company out of Fund 2: is a next generation advanced analytics company allows anyone to pull real-time data from multiple discrete corporate data silos or run an analysis as easily as sending an SMS. democratizes corporate data. It is focused on the life-sciences vertical.

We led a $4m seed round and secured 11% ownership and a board director seat. delivers 100x faster access to data insights

Data increasingly runs every part of businesses. Yet, the majority of employees aren't data savvy and most companies can't afford armies of data scientists. is built to deliver 100x faster access to insights without the need for dashboards, reports, or analysts.

Does the market need a BI tool specific for life science companies?

YES. Life science is a “last mile” industry: it is difficult for multi-vertical companies to break into life science customers. Repeatedly, multi-vertical companies fail to port the solutions successfully sold to other industry customers into the life science industry. Life science customer needs are idiosyncratic enough that they often require solutions purpose-built specifically for them. Just having the right technical capabilities is often not enough to be relevant to life science customers demanding more contextual relevance and a richer feature set unique to their needs.

Multiple billion-dollar companies have been created by focusing on just the life-sciences industry after that universal technology has gone mainstream in other industries. For example, Veeva (Nasdaq: VEEV, mkt cap $32b) is a CRM company that has come to dominate life sciences well after Salesforce tractioned more broadly in other market verticals. Veeva only raised one $7 million venture round prior to filing to go public, carried to the public market on the back of its commercial revenue traction. Similarly, within only the past 5 years, Komodo has built a billion-dollar company as essentially a CRM and then data-platform for medical science liaisons.

We see playing out along a similar arc. By being vertically focused, is able to pre-train on life sciences data, workflows, and queries, rendering it immediately usable, out-of-the-box. is poised to dominate this huge, last mile market ($14b/yr).

Is there interesting M&A activity in the business analytics market?

YES. Newer-generation analytics companies, that help companies desilo and utilize their data, have been attractive M&A candidates at very healthy prices, e.g., Google’s $2.6b acquisition of Looker in February 2020 (14x forward revenue multiple), Salesforce’s $15.7b acquisition of Tableau in August 2019 (12x revenue multiple) , and Qlik’s $560m acquisition of Attunity in February 2019. is the perfect first company in Fund 2

  • Targets the life-science industry, a major focus of ours, which is relatively non-cyclical.
  • Targets a customer base that we know well (commercial leaders) and thus can ensure they have solid commercial traction.
  • Is a real business, on track to recognize $1.4m in 2020, with several marquis customers.
  • We syndicated and led the round to secure double-digit ownership and a board seat. The 2 investors we invited to join us have non-overlapping focuses and venture ecosystems: Bling Capital (generalist SaaS fund) and Firebolt Ventures (product-centric software fund). is led by two terrific founders who are multiple-time entrepeneurs with exits!

We are excited to partner with Rohit, Amitabh - both experienced entrepreneurs, with a couple of successful exits under their belt. They bring a very product and user-centric mentality to The team is on a mission to make every employee data savvy and to revolutionize the way life science companies compete!

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