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ROLE: Operations Manager

Who we are: Healthy Ventures is a San Francisco-based venture capital (VC) fund focused on healthcare tech. Our small but mighty team is committed to improving healthcare for everyone by backing entrepreneurs with singular solutions, wicked smarts, and nonstop tenacity. 

How our business works: We find investors (called limited partners or LP's) who invest with us so that we can, in turn, invest in terrific company founders. We raise the capital up front in a fund and then invest in ~20 companies per fund. We then own enough of each company that we frequently sit on the companies’ boards of directors and spend a lot of our time helping them grow, fundraise, hire, and manage their businesses.

Who you are: We need a strong team player to manage operations and project manage the many discrete projects we need to embark on. This job is part-time, hours are flexible, and the work is remote. We anticipate 10-20 hrs/wk, although that will be variable. 

You'll work with the company founders and our own team to ensure that our business – Healthy Ventures – runs as efficiently as possible. You will execute projects and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. 

You do not need prior experience with venture capital. 

Example projects:

  • Evaluate various vendors to select one, oversee the implementation of a new website build
  • Evaluate various options to select a CRM and oversee its implementation
  • Help manage relationships with various partners and ensure nothing falls through the cracks
  • Onboard new partners & build communications workflows

Ideally you're some combo of:

  • Detail-oriented
  • Previously worked in ops, particularly sales operations
  • Able to think through processes/workflows and anticipate bottlenecks, questions that may arise
  • Familiar with basic technology (CRMs, workflow mgmt tools, etc)
  • Able to communicate/relay your thoughts & recommendations clearly (note: you will not be responsible for outbound communication/marketing)

Examples of prior experiences that would be relevant:

  • Managed sales operations (could include setting up a CRM, identifying friction points in the sales process & solving them, running analytics on sales activities and holding sales accountable for following process)
  • Managed customer success operations (could include making sure all customer requests or preferences were captured and responded to, aggregating customer questions and concerns and understanding underlying concerns, identifying points of friction for customers and solving them)
  • Managed software vendor selection and implementation (could include: understanding the needs of the users & how to prioritize features in products, identifying software vendors, evaluating their products and recommending a product. Implementing a new software program & overseeing any integrations with existing products)


  • SaaS sales ops experience is a plus
  • Experience managing (smaller scale) technology implementations
  • Familiar with modern business technology tools

If interested:

Reach out with a CV or a description of prior relevant experience. In the subject line, please include "Operations Manager". 

Email: team@healthy.vc

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